Empowering Beginnings: Digital Health’s Role in Improving Birth Equity
In partnership with AHIP
Payers in the US have a unique opportunity to dramatically improve women’s health outcomes today. And there are many facets to improve, as new CDC reports indicate that 80% of maternal deaths are preventable, and maternal outcomes have worsened in the past 5 years. For women of color, maternal health issues are compounded by racial disparities and inequities in care. Regardless of income or education status, studies have shown that Black women are 3-4X more likely to die from a pregnancy-related complication, and are 40% less likely to receive medication for acute pain. There are, however, ways to combat the inequities birthing people of color face today.

In this webinar, speakers will share the impact technology can have on birth equity. Attendees will learn how digital health solutions can connect pregnant women with resources, improve access to racially concordant care, drive vital appointment and medication adherence, and increase health literacy and advocacy among members. Speakers will also share the impact these programs have on outcomes, with tangible results ranging from preterm birth rates, preeclampsia rates, WIC utilization, postpartum visit attendance rates, and more. 

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If improving maternal health outcomes, and addressing health equity are on your strategy roadmap, we can help. Schedule a call with Ovia's team to learn how we're helping clients see up to 54% reduction in preterm births*, up to 14% reduction in preeclampsia* and up up to 4X ROI.*
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