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Maternity Care Deserts: why healthcare is failing 7 million women in the U.S.

It's not just a rural issue—1 in 3 live in metropolitan areas and over 87% are insured.

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Featured speaker:
Dr. Rahul Gupta, March of Dimes
Chief Medical and Health Officer, SVP, Interim Chief Scientific Officer 

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  • What a Maternity Care Desert is and why it matters
  • 4 facts about Maternity Care Deserts that impact employers and health plans
  • The steps health plans and employers can take today, tomorrow, and beyond to increase access to care and improve health outcomes

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According to a new report from the March of Dimes, 7 million women in the U.S. live in areas without access to adequate maternity care—and it’s not just a rural issue.

1 in 3 of the women living in Maternity Care Deserts live in a large metropolitan area or urban setting; over 87% are insured.

Regardless of location or insurance—women aren’t getting the maternity care they need, making the U.S. the 4th most dangerous place in the world to give birth. Health plans and employers must think differently about how they support their populations if they are going to meet the unique needs of these women and improve health outcomes for all mothers and babies.

Watch this webinar to hear our conversation with Dr. Rahul Gupta, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Senior Vice President, Interim Chief Scientific Officer at March of Dimes, in which he discuss their recent report on Maternity Care Deserts, the most effective way to address them, and how health plans and employers can drive transformational change.

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