Mobilizing Maternity: Strategies to Improve Engagement and Maternal Health 
In partnership with AHIP
  • Leslie Saltzman, DO, Chief Medical Officer, Ovia Health
  • Elizabeth E. Warner, MD, FACS, MHCDS, Chief Medical Officer, Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc.
  • Cassandra Diorio, MPH, CHES, CLC, Marketing Manager, Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc.
There is a rising need to improve maternal health outcomes today, as the US continues to rank last in maternal outcomes compared to every other developed nation. However, payers have been hard at work on strategies to engage members and improve maternal outcomes.

The challenge begins anew as many health insurance providers look for ways to effectively engage members and drive behavior change. In a culture where attention spans are shrinking, and everyone from retailers to reality shows are vying for share of voice and inbox space, how do you effectively break through the clutter? How can you modernize your outreach in a way that drives daily engagement, and impacts outcomes?

One health insurance provider and their digital health partner will explain their enrollment and engagement journey, and how it improved health outcomes. Join leaders from CDPHP and Ovia Health as they explain how they were able to engage pregnant members, as early as first trimester or pre-conception, and guide them to healthier outcomes using personalized care pathways. Speakers also share tactical plans they used to see daily engagement, and the impact they saw on outcomes and costs.

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If improving maternal health outcomes, supporting women and engaging members is on your strategy roadmap, we can help. Schedule a call with Ovia's team to learn how we're helping clients see up to 54% reduction in preterm births*, up to 14% reduction in preeclampsia* and up to 4X ROI.*
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**Note that these outcome(s) reflect(s) the greatest improvement experienced by a single client for this/these clinical condition area(s). Other clients experienced different outcomes in this/these clinical area(s). Actual results may vary based upon initial prevalence rate and engagement rates.